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To provide outstanding students from schools within or outside the Semper Altius Network of Schools and Regnum Christi Schools around the world with the opportunity to enrich their comprehensive education at one of the Oak academies during a full school year.
The dates stipulated in this announcement remain fixed and will not be subject to change unless an extraordinary circumstance arises. In such case, the relevant academy will duly inform the interested parties in advance.

  • Registration deadline: November 10, 2023 (Friday).
  • Deadline for submission of applications and projects: December 8, 2023 (Friday).
  • Competition results publication: January 25, 2024 (Thursday).

Oak International Academies offer one Scholarship of 75% the winner, one scholarship to second place of 30% and one scholarship to third place of 15%, the percent coverage of Tuition and Accommodation fees for an exclusive annual course of the 2024-2025 academic cycle only. for the following grades:

Junior High School: 8th and 9th grade

2nd and 3rd years of junior high or ESO. Dublin Oak Academy, Woodlands Academy y Le Châtelard.

High School: 10th and 11th grade

10th and 11th years of high school or ESO. Only Le Châtelard.

Academies that participate

Dublin Oak Academy, Woodlands Academy and Le Châtelard.

The selection of candidates for the scholarship will be made through a competition under the following procedure and conditions:

  1. Students from schools belonging to the Semper Altius Network of Schools and Regnum Christi Schools worldwide, as well as external schools, are elegible to participate.
  2. Participation is open to students who have been awarded and/or nominated for the Semper Altius Medal, and to students from external schools who have achieved the highest school award or recognition.
  3. Each candidates may compete for the single academy per year, simultaneous participation for two academies is not permitted.
  4. The minimum number of participants per academic level is 5 (there is not imposed maximum limit).
  5. Participation is restricted to candidates who fulfill the stipulated requirements and have received authorization for the competition.
  6. Each academy will offer a scholarship for an annual course during the 2024-2025 academic cycle in the following academic levels:
    1. -Junior High School (8th and 9th grades) Dublin Oak Academy, Woodlands Academy and Le Chatelard
    2. -High School (10th and 11th grades) only Le Chatelard Academy
  7. All participants are granted a 10% reduction in Tuition and Accommodation fees, regardless of their competition result.
  8. The winner will receive a scholarship covering 75% of Tuition and Accommodation fees, applicable exclusevely to an annual course for the 2024-2025 academic cycle exclusively. The second-place achiever shall receive a scholarship of 30%, while the third-place contender shall be granted a scholarship to 15%, both of which will be allocated towards the same category, academic cycle, and course.
  9. Upon the publication of competition results, participants must confirm their acceptance of the awarded scholarship and booking fee payment within a maximum of 15 days. Failure to do so may result in the scholarship being offered to another participant.
  10. The scholarships and benefits granted through participation in this competition are non-cumulative with other scholarships, promotions, certificates, or discounts.

1. A certificate on letterhead, signed by the school, confirming the nomination or receipt of the Semper Altius Medal, or for schools outside the network, proof of having achieved the highest school award or recognition.

2. Confirmation  of receipt and validity of this letter by the central office of Oak International.

3. Written notification to the corresponding Oak representative expressing intent to participate in the competition.

4. Complete the online registration for the annual course and submit application (including psychological assessment).

5. Payment of the non-refundable participation fee:

€100.00 Euros for Dublin Oak Academy and Woodlands Academy.

₣100.00 Swiss francs for Le Châtelard.

6. Payment transaction via Flywire or Bank Transfer of the participation fee to the academy’s tuition account (checks or cash are not accepted).

7. Preparation and send electronic submission of the required Apostolic/social project and Questionnaire to the following email address:

-Dublin Oak:
-Le Chatelard:


Notes: The student can seek assistance from their Oak representative to ensure that all prerequisites for participation are met and timely submitted.

The winner will receive a scholarship covering 75% of Tuition and Accommodation fees, applicable exclusively to an annual course for the 2024-2025 academic cycle. The second-place achiever shall receive a scholarship of 30%*, while the third-place contender shall be granted a scholarship of 15%*, both of which will be allocated towards the same category, academic cycle, and course. It does not apply to other courses or semesters.

All participants who meet the contest requirements will be granted a 10%* discount on Tuition and Accommodation fees, to be applied in the academy and grade of the 2024-2025 school year.

The Oak – Semper Altius Scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships, promotions, certificates, or discounts.


*All other expenses must be covered by the student: personal expenses, medical costs, recreational outings, travels, airfare, etc. The Oak representative can provide a quotation.

The participating academy’s committee will review candidate profiles based on:

A. Complete the online registration for the annual course and submit the application
(including psychological assessment).
B. Project created by the student, aligned with the following indicators:
1) Originality and Creativity: Innovative Idea.
2) Feasibility and Viability: Realistic application within the academy.
3) Language Proficiency: Correct language usage and expression.
4) Quality of materials and format.
5) Impact level for the generation
C. Questionnaire, aligned with the following indicators:
6) Completed by the student.
7) Quality by the student.
D. Teleconference interview, if deemed necessary by the academy.

Each participant will receive the evaluation outcome via email from the academy on the specified results publication date in this announcement. The competition results will be published on the website one day after the designated results announcement date.

For inquiries about the competition process, participants should approach their corresponding Oak representative. Questions regarding competition terms should be directed to the email address

Dublin Oak JHS
1-Gómez Trueba José Alonso               Aguascalientes, Mx.
2-Ramírez Miranda Juan Eduardo                  Toluca, Mx.
3-Fernández Tapia Pablo                                 Hermosillo, Mx.
4-Reyes Arrache Ricardo                                      CdMx., Mx.
5-Padilla Alarcón Emiliano                               Torreón, Mx.
6-Campos Castillo Sebastián                    Villahermosa, Mx.
7-Laris Vela Jaime                                                CdMx., Mx.
8-Aguilar Cao Romero Alejandro             Guadalajara, Mx.
9-Hernández Torres Santiago                         Zapopan, Mx.
10-Saez Carrasco Diego                                      Madrid, Sp.
11-Larrea Martínez de Campos Yago               Madrid, Sp.
12-Molina Perelson Rodrigo                             Madrid, Sp.
13-Sainz de Baranda Saldon Emilio                Madrid, Sp.
14-Robledo Torres Emiliano                            Morelia, Mx.
15-Cortes Trava Diego                                        Mérida, Mx.
16-Mijares Bermejo Gonzalo                              Sevilla, Sp.
17-Psihas Jiménez André                                    CdMx.,Mx.
18-Álvarez Talamás Ricardo                             Saltillo, Mx.
19-Kasis Gómez Anuar                        San Luis Potosí, Mx.
20-Borboa Chavarría Carlos Eduardo   Piedras Negras, Mx.
21-Contreras Sierra Matthew                          Hermosillo, Mx.

Woodlands JHS
1-Gracia Alonso Megias Jimena                           Sevilla, Sp.
2-Monsivais Villasana Nina                                    CdMx, Mx.
3-Valdéz Kancheff Sofía                         Piedras Negras, Mx.
4-López Alcaraz María Fernanda               Los Mochis, Mx.
5-López Alcaraz Antonella Gabrielle         Los Mochis, Mx.
6-Pastrana Sepúlveda María               Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mx.
7-Talavera Gutiérrez Renata                             Irapuato, Mx.
8-Cardenas Quintero Ana Sofía                           CdMx., Mx.
9-Chávez López Ana Lucía                           Hermosillo, Mx.
10-Gómez Galindo María Fernanda        Huixquilucan, Mx.
11-Taddeo Tenconi Juliana                                    CdMx., Mx.
12-Mendoza Iglesias Valeria                                Cancún, Mx.
13-Lavín Gonzalez Isabel                                      Cancún, Mx.
14-Jiménez García Mía Mariana                          Mérida, Mx.
15-Lara Mendoza Sara                           Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mx.
16-Espinosa de los Monteros Solana Isabel        Puebla, Mx.

Le Chatelard JHS
1-Casillas Ríos Isabella                     San Luis Potosí, Mx.
2-Kuri Lavalle Helena                                     Mérida, Mx.
3-Zuber Couret Fernanda                             Tijuana, Mx.
4-Mujica Hernández Bárbara                    Irapuato, Mx.
5-Martín Arvizu Vera                      The Woodlands, USA.
6-Camarena Rubio Stella Aurora                Tijuana, Mx.

Le Chatelard HS
1-Armendáriz Pique Elena                   Villahermosa, Mx.
2-Barragán Torres Daniela                          Veracruz, Mx.
3-García Mallitz Aguilera Valentina   Villahermosa, Mx
4-Arce Gutiérrez Karyme                          Los Mochis, Mx.
5-Heredia Pérez Daniela                                 Morelia, Mx.
6-Berrón Hadad Susana                                  Mérida, Mx.
7-Tovar Gutiérrez Lara Maya                        Morelia, Mx.
8-Medina Uribe María Natalia                 Campeche, Mx.
9-Barona Bustamante Alessa                        Mérida, Mx.
10-Dajer Vadillo Marcela María                    Mérida, Mx.
11-Villanueva Elizondo Lucía                             León, Mx.
12-Hernández Martínez Ana Isabella      Campeche, Mx.
13-León Morales Cielo                      Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mx.
14-Jacobo Gómez Nicole                                     CdMx; Mx.
15-Corral Saldivar Ana Gabriela                       Saltillo, Mx.

VII. The Winners and prizes obtained from the Oak-Semper Altius Scholarship Competition, are the following:


Dublin Oak JHS
1st. Place: 
Carlos Eduardo Borboa Chavarría         Piedras Negras, Mx. 
2nd. Place: 
Pablo Fernández Tapia                           Hermosillo, Mx.
3rd. Place: 
Ricardo Álvarez Talamás                        Saltillo, Mx.

Woodlands JHS
1st. Place: 
María Fernanda Gómez Galindo            Huixquilucan, Mx.
2nd. Place: 
Ana Lucía Chávez López                        Hermosillo, Mx. 
3rd. Place: 
Sofía Valdéz Kancheff                             Piedras Negras, Mx.

Le Chatelard JHS
1st. Place: Casillas Ríos Isabella                       San Luis Potosí, Mx.
2nd. Place: 
Kuri Lavalle Helena                       Mérida, Mx.
3rd. Place: 
Mujica Hernández Bárbara           Irapuato, Mx.

Le Chatelard HS
1er. Lugar: Daniela Heredia Pérez                   Morelia, Mx.
2do. Lugar: 
Susana Berrón Hadad                  Mérida, Mx. 
3er. Lugar: 
Lara Maya Tovar Gutiérrez         Morelia, Mx.


Oak International Academies are grateful for the effort, commitment and dedication of all the participants of the contest, as well as their families and those who supported this project. Congratulations! to the winners of Scholarships Oak-Semper Altius 2024 edition!!