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Studying abroad for the first time is likely to be a little intimidating – so both your child and you will want to assess the safety of your chosen destination.

Ireland, USA and Switzerland provides a very safe environment for the students. Our unique location offers a safe and secure home away from home. Our extensive grounds mean the students can see a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, pheasant, squirrels and rabbits and indeed frogspawn!  The students have many opportunities in Science class to study the wildlife on the extensive grounds.

All of this in a safe, healthy and well-supervised environment where their Catholic faith is also nurtured.

Personal Safety

We are fully aware of our student’s safety and security at the Academies. We have an instinctive understanding of the importance of not placing children in dangerous or insecure situations.


All staff working with our students are trained in our internal Child Safeguarding Policy.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment

Health & Safety Risk Assessments, for all aspects of our Academy are updated regularly and are available for inspection when visiting us. We offer 24 hour supervision, so you can rest assured that your children are constantly monitored. In addition, fire drills are carried out at the Academy so the children are prepared in case of an emergency.

First Aid

Our staff is fully trained in Occupational First Aid or nurses.

Child Protection

At Oak Academies, the welfare of the child is the first and paramount consideration to us. All children have a fundamental right to be respected, nurtured, cared for and protected. Therefore, all those who collaborate in Oak Academies, are properly trained in accordance with the Child Safeguarding Policy of the Legion of Christ. This policy follows the standards and guidance document by the Catholic Church which is based both in Gospel values and civil legislation.

24 Hour Supervision

Students are always supervised. Night supervision includes active supervision until 1:00am. Should any student need attention beyond this time, two night supervisors are always available to be woken up and are accessible to students at all times. Only female staff live at the girls Academy and only male staff live at the boys academies with the students. These are members of the Legions of Christ, Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi and Deans of Students. For students’ safety, security alarms are activated during the night and the Academy is equipped with CCTV cameras.