Dear Participants, the purpose of this competition is to stimulate the creativity, planning, and development of ideas. Projects are valued more based on their substance than on the showy elements. We recommend that you do not invest in developing or sending samples, mock-ups, or expensive devices. The props that accompany the project are irrelevant when it comes to determining the winners.

There are two blocks to consider and each block is divided into themes:

1-4. First block (Academic-social)

2-3. Second block (spiritual-apostolic)


The project must include a theme of each block, for example:

You can choose:

The theme a) of block 1 (academic), theme b) of block 2 (spiritual). Theme 4 with theme 3


Each participant can assemble your own package for your project will be original.

If you believe in your project make some material to show in academy (posters, campaigns, etc.) everything has to be in French for Switzerland and English for the others academies.



BLOCK 1: intellectual area.

Very important area in the Oak Academies; the purpose is to make students responsible for their own learning and give them the means to achieve the objectives.



a) Proposals for how to motivate study habits.

Campaigns, suggested exercises. Consider how to motivate the Oak Academies is always positive and not negative.


b) Speaking in French / English outside class, according to the academy to which it applies.

Campaign, proposed exercises.

How do you motivate teens to speak French / English outside the classroom?

Propose how to motivate students to learn French / English. What would you do?, a sign that motivate, campaigns to speak the language in the hallways, everyday phrases to greet people ?, work / activities that generate extra points?


BLOCK 2: Spiritual Area.

Essential area in the academies program that seeks to form authentic Christians who live their faith life with strength.



a) liturgical Campaigns: Advent and Lent.


  • That can be applied to large groups (50 to 100 people)
  • That are easy to make in terms of material.
  • Consider that not all people know what is Advent and Lent

Oak academies have for Advent and Lent the following:

  • A conference which explains what the Advent or Lent.
  • Information is published in the boards regarding the subject.
  • A campaign to remember and help you live the liturgical season is proposed.
  • Means to help live the Advent and Christmas once they return to visit their homes.
  • How to learn to live Holy Week and Easter while traveling?

Knowing you have these instances: what would you do?, how do you showing and help you think better live it?


b) Christmas. How you help your classmates to live Christmas in a better way once they return to their homes?


c) Club Sacristy-knights of the altar, night talks. The academies have groups that support the organization of the masses and help the Father in them. What would you propose as an activity or how motivation to your classmates? What kind of program would perform for these clubs?

Considers that can be put together at least once a month and can participate in some important liturgical celebrations.


d) Adoration of the first Friday of the month. Devotion to the Sacred Heart and First Friday masses.


How to promote the promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Presentation and explanation. What would you do and how you introduce yourself to your classmates?

There is an assembly or time of approximately 30 min. to explain and present this devotion.

Propose how to organize six worship first Friday of month, each course, between small groups (you have 15 min. of worship). How would you propose that the time advantage?


e) Marianas Activities:

Month of the Rosary in October. How do you organize a rosary for the whole Academy? how you motivate to engage students?

Month of Mary in May. What activities would you propose for the experience of this month?


-There are boards in the academies.

-Campaign that motivates and helps them grow in love for Mary.


 BLOCK 3: Apostolic Area.

During the school year it is intended that each student has a personal experience of donation and delivery. In this relation you can propose the following.



a) Apostolates street. You can propose different apostolates that can perform, or some project that you think will help students.

Consider the reality of the city and the country in which is located the Oak Academy that participate.

Activities for departures to nursing homes. You can propose activities to do with them, at no cost or low cost.


BLOCK 4. Social Area.

Activities to help the integration of generation and to know each other better.


a) Group activities. You can develop some of them already under way in some schools:

  • Talent show
  • Valentine´s Day
  • Gift exchange
  • Week spirit of the academy.
    • What kind of activities you propose to do?
  • Cineforums (movies, theme, questions, dynamics)

b) You can also propose other activities that you think will help:

  • Integration as a generation (know, be honest with others).
  • Fun
  • For these accounts are usually with Friday, about two hours.


c) To organize campaigns to:

  • Authenticity
  • True friendship
  • Anti-bulling
  • Simplicity
  • Gratitude


Develop the project you chosen, taking the following format into account:

  • General Objective (what is the most important goal you what to achieve with this campaign?).
  • Specific Objectives (What other goals do you want to achieve?).
  • Motto (A phrase that motivates and gives a unifying idea to the project).
  • Means (Concrete aspects that will help me reach my objectives, the “how” to reach the goals).
  • Calendar of activities (One school year).
  • Activities and materials need to carry out the project in an efficient and real way.