The aim of the competition is to stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and the development of ideas. What is appreciated in the projects is the “background” rather than the “showy” elements. It is recommended not to invest in the elaboration or shipment of samples, models, or expensive artifacts. The accessories that accompany the project are not relevant to determine the winners.

There are two blocks to consider which are divided into themes:

  1. First block (academic-social)
  2. Second block (spiritual-apostolic)


The project to be elaborated by the participants must include a theme of each block, for example: You can choose theme a) of Block 1 (academic) with theme b) of Block 2 (spiritual). Each participant can put together their own package to make their project original. And each topic should include a complete proposal with its objectives, the means, or activities to achieve them, and a timetable for the proposed activities.

If your project proposes posting some material in the academy (posters, campaigns, etc.,) everything must be in French for the case of Switzerland and in English for the rest of the academies


ACADEMIC AREA. Particularly key area in the Oak Academies; the purpose is to make the students responsible for their own learning and give them all the means to achieve the objectives.


a) Proposals on how to motivate study habits.

Campaigns, proposal of exercises. It must be considered that the way of motivating the Oak Academies is always positive and not negative.

b) Speak in French/English outside of class, depending on the academy to which it applies.

Campaign, proposal of exercises. How would you motivate teens to speak French/English outside of class? Propose how to motivate students to learn French/English, what would you do? Any motivating posters, campaigns to speak the language in the corridors, daily phrases to greet people? Jobs/activities that generate extra points?


SOCIAL AREA. Activities that help the integration of the class and their communication.


c) Group activities.

You can develop some of these that are already held in some Oak academies: Talent show, Valentine’s Day, Gift Exchange, Spirit Week of the academy. What kind of activities do you propose to do? Cineforums (films, themes, questions, dynamics). You can also propose other types of activities that you think help: Integration as a generation (get to know each other, be honest with others). Fun.


d) Organize campaigns that you can make to promote the:

Authenticity, True friendship, Anti-bullying, Humility, Gratitude



SPIRITUAL AREA. Essential area in the Oak Academies programs that seeks to form authentic Christians who live their faith with authenticity.


a) Liturgical campaigns: Advent and Lent.

Campaigns that can be applied to large groups (between 50 and 100 people), that they are easy to perform in terms of material. It must be considered that not everyone knows what Advent and Lent are. How to learn to live Holy Week and Easter while traveling? How would you help your classmates live Christmas in a better way once they return home?

b) Sacristy Club-Knights of the Altar.

Oak academies have groups that support the organization of masses and support the priests in them. What would you propose as activities or as motivation for your colleagues? What kind of program would you do for these clubs? Adoration on the first Friday of the month. Devotion to the Sacred Heart, and first Friday masses, Marian activities.


APOSTOLIC AREA. During the school year it is sought that each student has a personal experience of donation and delivery.


a) Different apostolates that can be conducted, or some project that you think helps students or local society.

Consider the reality of the locality and the country in which the Oak Academy in which you participate is located. Activities for outings to nursing homes. Collection and distribution of food for those in need, etc.