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Competition for the Integra Mulier and Integer Homo Scholarship 2017


1. Students from schools associated and not associated with the Semper Altius Schools Network -Regnum Christi can participate.

2. Students who have won or been nominated to the Integer/Integra award can participate. 

3. All of the participants that fulfill the competition requirements will receive 10% of discount regardless of the results of the competition. 

4. The candidates may only participate in the competition in one academy. 

5. The minimum number of participants per level is five, and the maximum number is 15. 

6. You will only participate in the competition if you have been notified on this website. 

7. The winner will receive a scholarship covering 75% of tuition and housing, which can only be applied to the year-long course. The scholarship cannot be used for a single semester.

8. In the case of a tie, the awarding committee has the power to decide whether they shall divide the prize or whether they shall choose that candidate that, based on his profile, seems more likely to enrich his fellow students.

9. Once the results of the competition have been published, the participants need to confirm if they accept the scholarship or discount,  respectively. 



To offer the best students of schools belonging to the Semper Altius Schools Network -Regnum Christi or schools not associated to this network the opportunity to complement their Integral Formation in one of the Oak Academies. 

An open bid announcement is made to students of select schools that do not belong to the Semper Altius Schools Network -Regnum Christi, who have received a distinguishing award from their school for academic excellence or an award similar to the Integra Mulier and Integer Homo awards.

The selection of the candidates for the scholarship will be carried out according to the following procedure.



Students who have won or who have been nominated for the Integra Mulier or Integer Homo awards in a school belonging to the Semper Altius Schools Network -Regnum Christi may participate in this contest.

Students of schools not associated with the Semper Altius Schools Network also have the possibility of participating. They should send their resumé with proof of the awards obtained to the following email address: The Organizing Committee will evaluate whether or not the participant satisfies the profile requirements and will inform the participant of their decision.

Participating Oak Academies: 

- Le Châtelard Academy (Switzerland)
- Dublin Oak Academy (Ireland)
- Woodlands Academy (Ireland)
- Oaklawn Academy (USA)
- Overbrook Academy (USA)


Scholarships will be offered for the following grades in participating academies: 

- Junior High School: 8th and 9th (2nd and 3rd years of junior high or ESO). All Oak Academies participating. 

- High School: 10th and 11th (4th and 5th of High School or ESO). Only at Le Châtelard and Oaklawn academies. 


Deadlines for all participants: 

Registration deadline: January 20th, 2017 (Friday). 

Deadline to receive the documents: February 15, 2017 (Wednesday). 

Competition results will be published: February 28, 2017 (Tuesday). 

The minimum number of participants necessary to hold the competition will be five for each grade for each academy. In the case that this quota of participants shall not be met by registration deadline, the academy reserves the right to decide whether or not the scholarship shall be awarded.

The maximum number of participants from each grade will be 15 candidates. The bid announcement will be closed for each grade once the maximum number of candidates has been reached.

Each academy reserves the right to modify the dates published in this bid announcement, be it for the receiving of applications or the publishing of results as long as previous warning is given.


To be eligible for the scholarship, those interested should:

1. In the case of the Semper Altius Schools Network -Regnum Christi, have won or been nominated to the Integra Mulier or Integer Homo award. Proof of the award or the nomination to it must be attached (a letter from the school on official letterhead is acceptable).

In the case of schools that do not form part of the Semper Altius Schools Network, have received authorization to participate in the competition from the Organizing Committee. The authorization must be attached to your file. (email from Mr. Juan Manuel Andrés certifying that the candidate has fulfilled all the requirements for participation)

2. Perform the first stage of online registration for annual course, in the academy participating. Notify by email to Oak representative that has begin the process with the subjet "participate to Oak scholarship 2017", this form will be identified as a participant in the contest and will be publiced in this website.

3. Pay the respective participation fee to the academy that you want to compete for:

- Le Châtelard: $100.00 CHF.
- Academies in the USA: $100.00 USD.
- Academies in Ireland: €100.00 Euros.

Note 1: No simultaneos participation for two academies, may only participate in the competition in one academy 

Note 2: This fee will not be reimbursed for any reason. 

Note 3: The participation fee payment is made by bank transfer to the tuition account in the  participanting academy. No checks, cash or credit card payments will be accepted. It is the contestant´s responsibility to email proof of payment to The date and time that the transfer was credited by our bank will be taken into account to determine the participants’ order of registration. 

Note 4: The legal guardian should verify that the participant´s name has been published on this website (ref. Section VIII. Participants) to verify their participation in the competition.

Note 5: If there is an overflow of participants, a waiting list will be published in the order in which the arrival of all necessary documents is confirmed and according to the date that the bank transfer is received. 

Note 6: If a participant that has been made public decides to cancel, the waiting list will advance in the order established in note 5.


4. Develop the Apostolic/Social project and respond to the questionnaire.

Note: The students should carry out the project and answer the questionnaire on their own, without help from teachers or parents. The panel will disqualify those works that it judges to be disproportionate to the participating student’s possibilities and resources.


5. Send by courier post to the academy the following documents, before February 15th, 2017:

a) Apostolic/social project.
b) Questionnaire
c) Proof of having won the Integra Mulier or Integer Homo award or nomination, en other case; the Organizing Committee´s authorization to participate in the competition.
d) Proof of payment of the participation fee (copy).



-The student may request his Oak representative help to verify that everything is complete and may be sent to the corresponding academy.

-Send an e-mail to the academy notifying them once you have sent all the necessary documents for the competition. The academy will send a notification once they have received the documents. 

- Be careful to send the documents before the deadline since the postal service takes some time.



For those who win the competition the scholarship consists of 75% of the tuition and boarding for just one school year, which can be used in the corresponding academy for the upcoming school year and grade. It can not be applied to a semester-long course. We recommend that you ask an Oak representative for a tuition quote in the case that you receive the scholarship so that you will be informed of which costs are not included in the scholarship.

All of the participants who have fulfilled the requirements of the competition will be offered a discount covering 10% of the tuition and boarding, to be used in the academy, grade and cycle for which they have participated.

All other expenses must be covered by the student: personal expenses, clinics, recreational outings, trips, plane tickets, etc.



This point refers to those who participated in last year’s contest and were not selected for the scholarship.

Performance the first stage of online registration for annual course, in the academy participating, when only a year has passed since the last application may request a update of the psichological report to Oak psychologist. The apostolic/social project and questionnaire must be completed again.

You must register again in the system and pay the participation fee again (cfr. point III. Requirements) to be published on this website as a participant.

When it has been two years or more since the last petition the student will have to begin the whole process again.



The panel will revise the candidates’ profiles based on:

1) Documents the first stage online registration (Included psychological report).

2) Apostolic/Social project

3) Questionnaire

4) Academic awards obtained


Note: Should any of these four requirements be lacking or incomplete the student will not be able to be evaluated.

The panel will disqualify those works that it judges to be disproportionate to the student’s possibilities and resources. 

The panel is made up of the admissions council of the academy being applied to and members of Oak Academies.

The panel will choose the best works and student profiles and will award them the scholarships.



Each participant will receive the result of the evaluation by e-mail on the date indicated in this announcement.

As part of the process and to guarantee the transparency of the competition, all of the participants will be able to check on their registration and results on this web page. The results of the competition will be published a day after the date indicated for the giving of the results.

Once the results of the competition have been published, the winners should pay a booking fee to guarantee their spot in the respective academy, the fees are as follows:

- Le Châtelard (Switzerland ): $4,000.00 CHF 

- Academies in the United States: $3,000.00 USD 

- Academies in Ireland: €3,000.00 Euros

Note: The booking fee is an advance payment for tuition and is not reimbursable for any reason. It shall be made to the tuition account of academy selected. This fee must be paid before you can receive your welcome package.


Any questions or comments regarding your registration can be directed to the following email address:

We wish the best of luck to all participants, 

Sincerely yours, 

Organizing Committee

VIII. PARTICIPANTS (with a confirmed number of participants)

  • Dublin Oak - Junior High School
    1-Prandini Valenzuela Aldo  -  Los Mochis, Mx.
    2-Covarrubias Marinkovic Sebastián  -  Santiago, Chile. NULL
    3-Jimenez Nosti Eugenio - Edo. México, Mx.
    4-López Carrillo Bruno  -  Puebla, Mx.
    5-Acosta Márquez Emilio  - Puebla, Mx.
    6-Bonelli González Fernando  - Madrid, Mx.
    7-Bocardo Moedano Iñigo  -  Pachuca, Mx.
    8-Morales Díaz Luis Héctor  -  Guadalajara, Mx.
    9-Cooper Elizalde Osman Paulo  -  SLP, Mx.

  • Woodlands -Junior High School
    1-Egan Cárdenas Montserrat  -  Monterrey, Mx.
    2-Serna Flores Moraima   -   Los Mochis, Mx.
    3-Andrés Alcañiz María  -  Valencia, Esp.
    4-Garza Obeso Mariana  -  Monterrey, Mx.
    5-Watts González Mónica  -  Piedras Negras, Mx.
    6-Dávila Escudero Cármen  -  Sevilla, Esp.
    7-García De Leyaristy Navarro Marta  - Sevilla, Esp.
    8-Castañeda Zesati  Ximena -  Zacatecas, Mx.
    9-Garza Uribe Almudena  -  CdMx., Mx.     NULL
    10-Montemayor Lily Landois  - Monclova, Mx.
    11-González Bustamante Sofía -  CdMx., Mx.

  • Oaklawn
    Junior High School
    1-Barragán Aztiazarán Alejandro  -  Hermosillo, Mx.
    2-Yberri Puebla Nicolás  -  Hermosillo, Mx.
    3-De la Garza Evia Medina Alonso  -  Monterrey, Mx.
    4-Suárez Gutiérrez Santiago  - CdMx, Mx.
    5-Gutiérrez Cepeda Emilio  -  Saltillo, Mx.
    6-Bosch Agudo Alfonso  -  Barcelona, Esp.

    High School


  • Overbrook -Junior High School
    1-Curmina May María Eugenia  -  Villahermosa, Mx.
    2-Flores Escalona Ana Paula  - CdMx, Mx.
    3-Alegrett Morreo Ana Teresa  -  Sto. Domingo, Rep. Dominicana.
    4-Reynoso Ramírez Ana  -  Puebla, Mx.
    5-Gallego Villalobos Fátima  -  Huixquilucan, Mx.

  • Le Châtelard 
    - Junior High School
    1-Blanco Oliver Vivian María  -  San Pedro, Garza García, Mx.

    - High School
    1-De León Quintanilla Marisol -  Monterrey, Mx.
    2-Pinto Estrada Adriana Soledad  -  Villahermosa, Mx.
    3-Hernández Orozco María José  -  Guadalajara, Mx.
    4-Echavarría Acuña Alejandra  - San Luis Potosí, Mx.
    5-Cobian Bustillo Ana  -  Puebla, Mx.
    6-Mendoza Mendoza Carola  -  Morelia, Mx.
    7-Portillo Melhado Andrea Alejandra  -  San Salvador, El Salvador.
    8-Machón Vides Daniela María  -  San Salvador, El Salvador.
    9-Garcés González Aragón María  - Toluca, Mx.
    10-Ramos Ramos Camila  - Texas, USA.
    11-Sánchez Rojas Regina  -  Mérida, Mx.
    12-Aceves Morales Camila  -  Guadalajara, Mx.




  • Dublin Oak
    Jimenez Nosti Eugenio - Edo. México, Mx.

  • Woodlands
    Egan Cárdenas Montserrat  -  Monterrey, Mx.

  • Oaklawn
    Suárez Gutiérrez Santiago  - CdMx, Mx.
  • Overbrook
    Gallego Villalobos Fátima  -  Huixquilucan, Mx.

  • Le Châtelard 
    Portillo Melhado Andrea Alejandra  -  San Salvador, El Salvador.
    Ramos Ramos Camila  - Texas, USA.




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