Semper Altius Scholarship- Oak 2023


To offer outstanding students of the Semper Altius Schools and Regnum Christi Schools in the world, the opportunity to complement their integral formation in one of the Oak academies during a school year.

The dates published in here are not subject to change, unless there are extraordinary causes. In this case, the academy in question will inform the interested parties in advance.

  • Registration deadline: January 27, 2023 (Friday).
  • Deadline for receipt of applications and projects: February 16, 2023 (Thursday).
  • Submission of contest results: March 2, 2023 (Thursday).

Oak Academy will offer one Scholarship for the annual course (2023-2024) for the following grades

Junior High School: 8th and 9th grade

2nd and 3rd years of junior high or ESO. All Oak Academies participating.

Academies that participate

Oaklawn Academy, Overbrook Academy, Woodlands Academy, and Le Chatelard Academy


The selection of candidates for the scholarship will be made through a competition under the following procedure and conditions:

  1. Only students from the Semper Altius Schools and Regnum Christi Schools in the world may participate.
  2. Only students awarded and/or nominated with the Integra Mulier, Integer Homo or Semper Altius medal participate.
  3. Candidates can only compete in one academy per year. There is no simultaneous participation for two academies.
  4. The minimum number of participants per academic level is 5 and maximum 15. Preference is given in the same order in which applications are received.
  5. Only candidates who meet the requirements and are therefore authorized for the contest will participate.
  6. Each academy will offer a single scholarship for the annual course for the 2023-2024 cycle at the following academic levels (only some academies offer High School):
    1. -Junior High School (8th and 9th grades)
  7. The Oak International Academies that participate in this contest are: Oaklawn Academy, Overbrook Academy, Dublin Oak Academy, Woodlands Academy, and Le Chatelard Academy. Everest Academy DOES NOT participate in this contest.
  8. All participants are offered a 10% benefit in Tuition and Boarding, regardless of the outcome of the contest.
  9. The winner obtains a scholarship in Tuition and Boarding of 75% applicable to an annual course of the 2023-2024 cycle, exclusively.
  10. Once the results of the contest have been published, participants must confirm whether they accept the scholarship awarded to, within a maximum of 15 days. If they fail to do so, the scholarship may be offered to another participant.
  11. The scholarships and benefits granted for participating in this contest are not cumulative with other scholarships, promotions, certificates, or discounts.

1. Proof of nomination or of having been the winner of the Integra Mulier, Integer Homo or Semper Altius Medal on letterhead and signed, issued by the school.

2. Confirmation at Oak International head office of receipt and validity of this letter.

3. Written notification to the Oak promoter of interest in participating in the competition.

4. Register the student in the online admissions system of the participating academy.

5. Payment of the non-refundable participation fee of:

$100.00 USD for Oaklawn Academy and Overbrook Academy.

100.00 Euros for Dublin Oak Academy and Woodlands Academy.

100.00 Swiss francs for Le Chatelard Academy.

6. Bank transfer of participation fee to the academy’s tuition account (checks or cash are not accepted).

7. Payment status. The day and time of accreditation of the transfer by the academy bank is considered to determine the order of registration of the participants.

8. Prepare and send the requested Apostolic/social project and Questionnaire

Notes: The student can request the advice of their Oak promoter to verify that everything is complete for their participation and that it has been received in a timely manner.

For the winning students, the scholarship consists of 75%* of the Tuition and Boarding for an annual course exclusively, which may be applied in the academy and corresponding grade for the 2023-2024 school year. It does not apply for other courses or semesters.

All participants who have met the requirements of the contest are granted a benefit of 10%* discount on Tuition and Boarding, to be applied in the academy for the 2023-2024 cycle. The academy’s admissions committee may determine whether to award higher scholarship percentages to outstanding contestants who have not won.

The Oak Semper Altius – Oak Scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships, promotions, or discounts.


* All other expenses must be covered by the student: personal expenses, clinics, recreational outings, travel, plane ticket, etc. The Oak promoter can provide you with a quote.

The committee of the participating academy will review the profile of the candidates based on:

  1. Online admission application (including psychological report).
  2. Project produced by the student.
  3. Questionnaire answered by the student.
  4. Interview via teleconference if the academy so deems.

Each participant will receive the result of the evaluation by email on the date indicated in this call. The results of the contest will be published on the Oak International website one day after the date indicated to give results.


If you have any questions should be sent to the email address

Woodlands JHS
1-Santos Tubilla Regina María           -Zapopan, Mx.
2-González Medina Elisa                     -Monterrey, Mx.
3-López Villarreal Fernanda               -San Pedro GG., Mx.
4-Borge López Lua Natalia                  -Mérida, Mx.
5-Veliz Guijarro Mariana                     -San Luis Potosí, Mx.
6-Baños Teruggi Jimena                      -Puebla, Mx.
7-Ramírez Moreno Fátima Sofia        -Huixquilucan, Mx.
8-Pedrero Armengol Adriana María -Villahermosa, Mx.
9-Cárdenas Quintero Ana Sofía         -CdMx., Mx.
10-Nieto Alvarez Eugenia                   -Saltillo, Mx.
11-Olmeda Rodriguez Gabriela          -Madrid, Esp.
12-Alfaro Jutard Martina                    -Madrid, Esp.
13-Morán Moral Paola                         -Querétaro, Mx.
14-Bocardo Moedano Mariana           -Pachuca, Mx.
15-Herrera Charlo Lavinia                  -Sevilla, Mx.


Oaklawn JHS
1-Gastelum Fernández Jairo          -Los Mochis, Mx.
2-Zermeño García Gonzálo            -San Luis Potosí, Mx.
3-Muñoz Herrera José Tomas       -Zapopan, Mx.
4-Zazueta Cadena Luis Lorenzo    -Los Mochis, Mx.
5-Acosta Voss José Otoniel            -Guadalajara, Mx.
6-Pompa Guajardo Pedro Pablo   -San Pedro GG., Mx.
7-Cabrera Juárez Santiago             -Puebla, Mx.
8-Álvarez García Juan                     -CdMx, Mx.
9-Guzmán Chapa Mateo                 -San Pedro GG., Mx.
10-Santos Santos Diego Martín     -Querétaro, Mx.
11-Reyes Hernández Ian Jacob     -Huixquilucan, Mx.
12-Nieves Rivera Diego Orlando  -Irapuato, Mx.
13-Altonar Martínez Rodrigo        -CdMx, Mx.
14-Farah Cámara Michel Enrique -Mérida, Mx.
15-Gutiérrez Duran Rafael             -CdMx, Mx.
16-Aguayo Rubio Rodrigo              -Culiacán, Mx.
17-Elizondo Sánchez Diego            -Santa Catarina, Mx.
18-Mejía Cardoso Rodrigo             -CdMx., Mx.
19-Fabra Soucheiron Santiago      -Barcelona, Mx.


Overbrook JHS
1-León Canales Bárbara                    -Santa Catarina, Mx.
2-Lugo Robledo Daniela                   -Zapopan, Mx.
3-Quintana Villanueva Regina         -Celaya, Mx.
4-Vilet Vergara Patricia                     -San Luis Potosí, Mx.
5-Hurtado Valadez Cordelia María – San Pedro GG., Mx.
6-Pro Guerra Ana Lucía                    -San Pedro GG., Mx.
7-Cuevas Leyva Renata                     -Puebla, Mx.
8-Cano Guemez Regina                    -Celaya, Mx.
9-González Saracho Roberta           -Saltillo, Mx.
10-Mohedano Climent Inés             -Madrid, Esp.


Le Chatelard JHS
1-Balderrama Narcio Allegra          -Los Mochis, Mx.
2-Gordillo Valencia Georgina         -Campeche, Mx.
3-Bas Velhagen Isabella                   -Tomball, USA.
4-Paez Ramírez Lucía                      -San Pedro GG., Mx.
5-Rodríguez Valle Arantxa              -Tomball, USA.
6-Luján Rubio Marietta                   -Tijuana, Mx.
7-Flores Cedillo Marian                   -San Pedro GG., Mx.
8-Ruíz García Ivanna                       -Oaxaca, Mx.
9-Garza Chapa Paulina                    – San Pedro GG., Mx.


Le Chatelard HS
1-Menéndez Aranda Ana Sofía         -Torreón, Mx.
2-Ascencio Schutz Lia                        -Irapuato, Mx.
3-Escamilla Rios Carmina A.            -Oaxaca, Mx.
4-Velázquez Castro Ana Lucía          -Tijuana, Mx.
5-Moreno Vizcarra Lucero                 -Culiacán, Mx.
6-Padilla Equihua Romina                 -Guadalajara, Mx.
7-Hernández Martínez Ana Isabella-Campeche, Mx.
8-Navarrete Correa Constanza          -Huixquilucan, Mx.
9-González Vizzani Aurora Giuseppina-The Woodlands, USA.

Woodlands JHS
1-Herrera Charlo Lavinia                  -Sevilla, Esp.

Oaklawn JHS
1-Elizondo Sánchez Diego               -Santa Catarina, Mx.

Overbrook JHS
1-Cano Guemez Regina                    -Celaya, Mx.

Le Chatelard JHS
1-Flores Cedillo Marian                       -San Pedro GG., Mx.

Le Chatelard HS
1-Menéndez Aranda Ana Sofía         -Torreón, Mx.


Oak Academies are grateful for the effort, commitment and dedication of all the participants of the contest, as well as their families and those who supported this project.
Congratulations to the winners of scholarships Oak Semper Altius edition 2023!!