All Oak International Academies are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for their students and staff.

Amidst the worldwide pandemic of the COVID-19, over the past years we have been following very close what the different government agencies at all levels, as well as state and local health agencies have set in their recommendations and dispositions.

Every Oak Academy has put preventative measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, while the academies will make all reasonable efforts to lower the risk of exposure and spread at school and when participating in extracurricular activities, they are unable to provide guarantee that students or employees will not be exposed to or infected by the virus.

It is noted that each one of the academies is different in terms of their location, facilities, etc. and different issues exist in each of them. As such, each academy has to undertake a facility-specific, systematic risk assessment, analysis and mitigation process to promote good health, hygiene and physical distancing within the particular facility and thus seek to protect the students, the staff and the community in order to be able to open and offer their programs. *Please refer to each Academy specific policies, protocols and procedures regarding COVID-19.

All Oak Academies have taken a thorough consideration of among other, these key areas of life at the academy:

  • Protocols to ensure students are virus-free prior to arrival at the academy.
  • Screening as needed to aid early identification of symptomatic students or staff.
  • Accommodation and sleeping arrangements (adequate distance between students in rooms or dormitories).
  • Greater hygiene at the facilities (more frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas, hand sanitizing stations throughout the building, etc.).
  • Food service and catering processes (food service staff trained to follow all hygiene and health standards)
  • Mealtimes processes (proper cleaning between dining sessions).
  • Classroom procedures (hand sanitizers upon entry/exit, maintaining physical distance from teachers, use of face coverings when necessary).
  • Sport activities (outdoors when possible, thorough cleaning of equipment and facilities).
  • Visitors (limit any nonessential visitors and activities involving external groups or organizations as possible).
  • Outings, field trips and off campus visits (ensure that students and staff groupings are as static as possible by having the same group of students stay with the same staff during activities).
  • Protocols of attention to students who may become sick.
    • Assigned area for quarantining at the academy (to keep students safe and well monitored while separated from others in case of infection).
    • Access to professional medical attention (in house School nurse, visits of primary doctor, and hospital facilities nearby).



COVID-19 is very contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets when an infected individual coughs, sneezes or speaks. The academies will promote social distancing, frequent and proper handwashing procedures for students and staff, establish thorough sanitation processes of facilities, require the use of masks or face covers in different settings (as indicated by local authorities), and  follow all reasonable protocols and policies to minimize risks of infection.

Despite all these efforts the academy cannot prevent your child from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while attending our programs.

Parents acknowledge the measures as well as the risks involved in sending their child to the academy program.



At the present time and following local government and health agencies guidelines, the academies deem possible and safe to keep open their facilities and programs for our students.  The academies plans are to remain open and in session for the whole school year, even with possible cases of infections that will fall under their protocols of attention of students who get sick.

  • If because of events beyond the academy’s control caused by the current pandemic condition, students can no longer attend classes, the academy cannot be liable for any failure to provide the facilities and activities that the parents and students expected, if doing so becomes impossible following the own analysis and determination of the academy’s board, or the direct mandate from the local authorities.
  • Each academy will strictly comply with the determinations and emergency measures that the State or Local Authorities dictate, updating and informing parents promptly of any special circumstance.
  • In such events, if a sustained shutdown or closure of the academy is determined, parents may be entitled for a partial refund of their boarding charges, or of their tuition and boarding charges.
  • If students must return home, and the academy does not continue their program with virtual classes, a Tuition and Boarding refund will proceed using the following calculation: 75% of the Per day cost* multiplied by the number of days of absence, based on the date the students leave. If the academy does offer virtual classes, then the academy will calculate the boarding costs not incurred and communicate with families the applicable refund.

(*Per day cost= Tuition, boarding and clinics base charge according to each family’s payment plan, divided by the total number of days originally in the program)

  • In ordinary circumstances, the Booking Fee deposit is a non-refundable concept, since it covers a series of administrative expenses incurred since the application and admission process. Exceptional cases due to the pandemic may merit a partial refund of this Booking Fee.
  • During the trips: Depending on the place visited, extra fees may be incurred should a student get COVID.
  • The following are considered as exceptional circumstances:
    • The closing of borders or travel restrictions in the country where the academy is located or where the students reside.
    • The closing of embassies and consulates, or significant delays from those offices in the visa process, preventing a timely arrival to the academies given that the family applied at least 3 months prior to the beginning of the course.
  • Others may be reviewed on a case-by-case level. In any event, the minimum non-refundable part of the booking fee will be 800CHF for Le Châtelard, 600€ for Woodlands and $600 for Oaklawn and Overbrook.