The use of Iphone at Overbrook Academy
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The use of Iphone at Overbrook Academy

Dear Parents,


Greetings from Overbrook Academy! We have received many queries from parents asking if their daughters at Overbrook Academy could use a Smartphone, operating as an IPod Touch.

It has been decided that this is possible, however, under the following strict rule:

  • TheSmartphonemustNOThaveaSimCard/PayPlanforuseasaCellPhone.This will be checked upon arrival by our team to ensure this has been carried out.


The importance of removing the Sim Card/Pay Plan before your daughter’s arrival to Overbrook is:

  • For your daughter’s security. All students need to operate through our Academy Filter only.

  • Internet use is at set times, so that your daughter can immerse herself in Academy life, without unnecessary distraction.


If any student does not comply with this rule, we will be forced to confiscate the Smartphone for a period of time to be decided by the Disciplinary Team.

This is something new we are implementing at Overbrook Academy. I would like to ask for your cooperation and patience, as we learn together how to apply this in the best interest of the girls.

If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Academy.

God Bless you,

Barbara Mariscal

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