TOEFL Junior Results 2014
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TOEFL Junior for the class of 2013-2014

Overbrook reveals its excellent results in the TOEFL Junior for the class of 2013-2014.

The first thing that stands out arethat 57% of the students got an excellent score; at the same time, the other 43% also achieved very good results. It is important to point out that 7 students got a perfect score; these students are from Durango, Korea, Monterrey, Texas, Zapopan, and two are from Mexico City.


The Academy’s efforts are worth noting, as they obtained higher results than other schools in the United States. The following table shows how Overbrook’s results (blue bar) are, year by year, higher than the average results of schools in the United States (red bar):


Overbrook Academy has not only done better in comparison with the national average, but has also improved with respect to its classes from previous years. The following table shows how this year’s results compare to those of last year’s class (2012-2013):


The most likely cause is the work that Overbrook has carried out in search of continued growth and academic and linguistic excellence as it offers the best to each one of its classes.


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