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Technology at Dublin Oak Academy

IXLMicrosoft   GMetrix Practice Test Solutions  

1. IXL- Internet Based Curricular Maths Software

2. READINGPLUS- Adaptive computerised reading programme

3. MICROSOFT ACADEMY/CERTIPORT/TESTING CENTRE- Students can take tests in any Office application and typically present Word and Excel.

4. MICROSOFT SCHOOLS AGREEMENT- Guarantees that the school’s Operating Systems and Office applications are up-to-date.

5. NO LIMITS EXAM LICENCE - Students can repeat their Microsoft exams as many times as is practicable.

6. GMETRIX-  Training  Software-  This  helps  prepare  students  for  their Microsoft Exams

7. VIDEOOGRAPHY- Students can take a videography course

8. GAME DESIGN- This is a core curricular subject which includes C+ coding.

9. COMPUTER LABORATORY- 24 computers running the best operating systems and software

10. 1 : 1 iPad PROJECT- All students and teachers use iPads every day

11. WEBDAV- cross-platform file manager/server- This allows students and teachers to share files between their PC and their iPad and allows teachers the ability to share files with their students. Photocopies have become a thing of the past.

12. WEBSERVER- inhouse- Video can be streamed across our wifi cutting

out the need for internet access.

13. OFFICE 365: Each student has an Office 365 account

14. EXCHANGE- Each student has a school e-mail account

15. MYSITE (Sharepoint)- Each student has a cloud-based account for storing and sharing files
16. ONENOTE- Each students can use Onenote to organise their notes using the PC or the iPad

17. SKYPE- Students use Skype to talk with their families

18. SONICWALL- filtering and content management allows the school to control the internet, e-mail, Skype, and any website url, making the wifi environment ultra safe.

19. ITUNES U- The school has its own location on iTunes U and will develop it more in future years.

20. UNITY- The students use Unity to make their computer games

21. REMOTE  CONTROL  CLASSROOM  MANAGEMENT  SOFTWARE-  the teachers in the computer lab can remotely monitor and control students’ computers as well as issue and receive files

22. IBOOKS- TEACHER PRODUCED- The teachers make their own textbooks for use by their students on the iPad

23. INHOUSE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT IN SCIENCE AND MATHS- The teachers produce their own software adapted to their students’ particular needs



26. DATA PROJECTORS in every classroom

27. APPLE TV’s throughout school allowing the teacher to display their own iPad or the internet to the students

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