Surveys to Oak Students 11-12
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Survey Results, 2011-2012 School Year
This survey was answered online by 563 students of the 7 Oak International Academies upon finishing the school year, 2011-2012.
  • 49% of our students decided to go to an Oak Academy by themselves.
  • The Oak Academies surpassed the expectations of 85% of our students.
  • 95% of our students would like to live their experience at an Oak Academy again.
  • 80% of our students said the best part of the year was making new friends.
  • The top 10 things that our students would never change about Oak Academies
  • The most important thing that our students learn about is their faith.
  • 99% of our students go home a better person.
  • Friends and prayer is what most helps our students to improve.
  • The discipline at the Oak Academies helps our students to grow in their human formation.
  • Our students improve the level of their English/French more than 70%.
  • The list of subjects that our students like the most.
  • Catholic Formation classes help 89% of our students to grow in their faith.
  • 75% of our students would like to return as coworkers in the Academies.
  • 51% of our students would like to become a coworker.
  • 84% of our students recommend the Academies to their friends.
  • 98% of our students are willing to participate in alumni activities after leaving the Academies.

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