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Oak International, a Catholic service organization affiliated with the Legion of Christ, directs educational programs for the integral formation of young people. Founded in 1969, Oak International arose in response to a plea from conscientious parents seeking quality education for their children. Oak International develops and promotes curriculums, programs, conferences and training courses that are then used and implemented in our Oak schools. We collaborate with parents in the delicate task of seeking “to teach, to form, and to educate” their children through an intellectual, human, and spiritual curriculum.


The Intellectual Dimension

To develop a student’s critical and analytical capacity, Oak International schools teach basic content using defined programs, modern methods and practical guides.  Our small class sizes guarantee personalized attention and dynamic, effective learning processes that are academically on par with other institutions at state and national levels.

The Human Dimension

A major goal of Oak International schools is to motivate and help students to acquire core values and virtues. Our sports clinics offer students indispensable opportunities for physical and athletic development, promoting healthy minds, forging character and teaching responsibility, teamwork and discipline. On-the-field devotion, effort, and enthusiasm outweigh achievement and winning.

Music, painting and sculpture are valuable parts of the cultural syllabus at Oak International schools.  Travel, through its discovery of different cultures and traditions, is also a very enriching experience. Students visit the historical and cultural centers of the host nation and region.  Oak International schools also tap into international customs and pastimes through major trips at Christmas and Easter to the Vatican (which includes a Papal audience), as well as other long-distance trips that may include Venice, Montreal, the Alps, Washington D.C. or New York City.

The Spiritual Dimension

To foster a student’s spiritual growth, Oak International schools study Christian truths and offer students opportunities for the regular practice of the sacraments. Devotion to Christ, his mother and a love for the Pope and souls are instilled so that they become part of our students’ spiritual wealth.

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