. Students from schools not associated with the Semper Altius Schools Network may also participate.
Dublin Oak School Nurse
Dublin Oak Academy has achieved better results than the Irish national average again
General info
Congratulations to our U.14 soccer team! We won the League Champions for the 2nd consecutive year!!
Woodlands Academy Summer Camp is recognised by the Irish Department of Education (ACELS). See for a list of all recognised schools in Ireland.
Peregrinacion a Tierra Santa. 8 días - 7 noches
Class of 2013-2014
- The Smartphone must NOT have a Sim Card/Pay Plan for use as a Cell Phone
English is spoken at all times
I write to share with you some changes in the personnel who will be working with your son this year.
Agradecemos de corazón a Miguel estos 5 años al frente del programa Everest Boys, y le deseamos lo mejor para su futuro.
Oaklawn Academy
Overbrook Academy
For the new academic year 14-15, namely, Fr. Raymundo Macías, L.C.
Director Dublin Oak Academy & L.C. Vicedirector Dublin Oak Academy
I am writing to inform you that, from July 2014, Le Chatelard Academy will have a new Director, namely, Verónica Canales Adame
Verónica Canales Adame was born on October 9, 1976
We had our Closing ceremony last Sunday for the 2013- 2014 generation and as usual there was much joy for all the unforgettable experiences of this past year and many tears for having to come to the end of something so unique.
While we welcome Barbara as the new Director of Overbrook, I would like to sincerely thank, with all my heart, Valerie McGovern
For the past few months we have been preparing for accreditation from a leading educational agency called AdvancED
I love this school also because we get closer to God
Everest International Program
Welcome to Benjamin P. O´Loughlin, LC and we entrust its final phase toward ordination.
Amazing architecture, great food, wall-to-wall culture—Rhode Island’s capital has it in spades
El P. Lorenzo Gómez L.C. quien inició el programa, y quien ha trabajado en Detroit por más de 40 años, cambia ahora de misión y estará realizando su ministerio en Los Ángeles, California.
This was the same class that got together last year in Querétaro
Overbrook…spurring its students on to excellence
Woodlands Academy
There are two options for our European Students
During a weekend family visit during which some parents could not make it to the Academy to be with their sons, these boys were invited to watch Manchester City vs. Chelsea
This semester has been for all of our Overbrook staff an exciting time of progress as we strive to meet the demanding goals we have set for ourselves since we were accredited by AdvancED.
“Reliving unforgettable moments…”
Exalumni relive experiences through their children. Generation 2012-2013
Overbrook Academy
Renovations during the summer also included continued progress on the Grotto to Our Lady
This was the second official visit of Oak International Academies directors to Korea.
Dublin Oak Academy has achieved better results than the Irish national average again. Considering that our students take the exams after one year’s study and in a second language, while Irish students take it after 3 years and in their native language,
Consecrated women, staff and students gather to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodlands Academy
Each of our students is enrolled in the general music course. He will receive two 50 minute classes in music each week. The music course is designed to give each student an exploratory experience in which he will study a variety of topics related to the
Mr Preciado, Oaklawn student class of 1986, proud parent of Oaklawn student class of 2013!
Here at Oaklawn we are developing our own Monarch Waystation
This February 4th 2013, we have on Dublin OAK a special guest, the Mexico´s ambassador to Ireland, Mr. Carlos García de Alba
Le Chatelard. Our Junior Melissa Picon finished 12th in the 4km
Learn basic film- making skills
Thanks to support from the Class of 2011-2012.
Oak International publishes its first page in Korean
The Salters Chemistry Festival - May 2013
All students and teachers use iPads every day
The majority of the students scored within the 3rd and 4th quartile for each area. In each area there is a group of students who scored a perfect score of 300.
This survey was answered online by 563 students of the 7 Oak International Academies when finishing the school year 2011-2012.
The Accreditation Year One Visit clarified to Praesidium that Everest Academy takes abuse prevention seriously and that the safety of students there is paramount.
Itinerary for girls staying at Woodlands Academy
Woodlands Academy. They make clothes from recycled material or junk
Oak International, looking to provide the best opportunities to satisfy the student’s needs, is proud to introduce the “Day school program”, in which foreign students do a school year in Catholic private schools in the United States, while living wi
Summer Camp 2013 France
Students will generally progress from a pre-intermediate to an upper intermediate level during their year in Dublin Oak.
Dublin Oak is proud of its students and teachers for their achievements in the Junior Certificate, even surpassing many Irish students, who also participate in these exams.
Our chef, John won the first place.
Bernardo Buenfil, enrolled in grade 8th during the 2010-2011 school year at Everest Academy, Clarkston, Michigan, was honored by Governor Fernando Ortega Bernés for the achievements earned during his year with Everest Academy.
Chatelard Program, June 8th to 16th, 2013
I would like to invite you to participate in the next activity at Woodlands Academy which will be taking place in the month of July.
There were insufficent fixtures to meet the needs of our students
by Mr. Mark Doran
Now, you can be a part of the opportunity for someone else…
Academic Year 2011-2012
Aquí encontrarán más fotos que sus hijos desearan ver y tener copia.
The Institute Châtelard which consisted of 77 students during the 2011-2012 school year, nearly two thirds have obtained the Diploma B2
Edgerton, WI, April 2012 – Oaklawn Academy, an international Catholic Boarding school, has been awarded Praesidium Accreditation by Praesidium, Inc., the leader in abuse risk management.
The boys are experiencing the fun in baking by baking themselves each week (every Thursday evening).
Every student coming to the Academy has the opportunity of obtaining an English official certification
Boarding Schools today are much different than they used to be.
Session of November 2010 – Results
Confirmation is a Sacrament through which we receive the Holy Ghost to make us strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ.
VATICAN CITY, 1 MAY 2010 (VIS) - The Holy See Press Office today published the following communique...
As part of its ongoing effort to ensure safe environments for youth in its schools and formation centers as well as in any Regnum Christi-sponsored activities, the Legion of Christ has been working with Praesidium, a risk management organization, earning
The Junior Certificate is a state examination applied to all secondary school students in Ireland. It ranks each student among the entire Secondary school population.
In Dublin Oak Academy and Woodlands Academy we offer to our summer camp participants the opportunity to undertake the first level of Cambridge ESOL suite of exams.
As parents, you will always be thinking about your children´s health and safety. It is an obligation to find a way to protect them from anything that could cause them harm.
DMD means: it used to be Owned by a Lady with the Initials DM. The other D is for Discoveries, so it is DM Discoveries. But we tool the name "Discoveries" OUT and now it is just DMD/PHP. This means DMD Private High School Program
To apply in all the Oak Academies a concept of dietary excellence, allowing a synergy which is attractive for the students’ parents, the students, the heads of the academies and the members of staff of our schools.
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