DMD Private High School Program
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What DMD provides to both Agents and Schools

To Whom It May Concern

DMD means: it used to be Owned by a Lady with the Initials DM. The other D is for Discoveries, so it is DM Discoveries. But we tool the name "Discoveries" OUT and now it is just DMD/PHP. This means DMD Private High School Program

Luke Davis has been the director the KCK International, DMD Private High School Program for over 7 years. The program was founded in 2000. During this time, Mr. Davis has promoted and managed the program to many agents and schools alike. DMD/PHP works with many schools across the USA and manages over 400 students per year in these schools.

DMD provides for the agents overseas, and the natural parents schools of reasonable affordability for what is offered, and management of the student throughout the school year, either VIA a local, or School coordinator.

Within this management process, DMD has made agreement with schools that allow only one application to be made for application to process to be finalized at ALL of DMD’s Partner Schools, creating a wider choice for the student to pick from.

DMD provides and manages student insurance through a separate Insruance company. DMD also provides for the agent and natural parents knowledge and understanding about the application, and High School education process through meetings either from the agent through a training or directly with local Country visits. Within these meetings DMD instructs agents, students and parents on what to expect in the USA from school to host family and program rules.

DMD also provides agents and natural parents with immediate access to the director responsible for the students through a 24-hour hotline and direct e-mail contact. The web address is And the phone numbers are: toll free number is 866-822-1095 (for students) or 631-299-6193 (for overseas calls)

From the review of the contract, DMD is able to provide to schools students who are capable of attending and mature enough to attend a high school for 5-10 months and return each year if allowed to return. DMD facilitates all payments of tuition and any Host Family payments pursuant to the school/DMD Contract.

DMD provides the school with a complete application form including health and academic records. DMD also manages the acceptance and Visa retrieval for the student. DMD provides management services of the student for the entire stay at the school including Health and behavioral issues. In this process the head office will confirm directly with the school on student progress academically and socially at school. DMD will hire a School COORDINATOR that will also assist by working directly with the Host Family and the student on any questions or Problems.DMD also assists the school with any problems or questions in regards to visas; I-20’s or SEVIS related questions.

At anytime of the year, the school or local coordinator has immediate access to the director of the program for questions through the 24-hour hotline or e-mail.

I hope this information helps to explain the program.

Thank you

Luke Davis.

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