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Oak International results from the class of 2013-2014

Oaklawn. They present the TOEFL Junior (Test of English as Foreign Language). 88% of the students get between a 752 and a 900, which is the highest score that you can get. Oaklawn’s average is 823 points.

Overbrook. 84% get between 752 and 900 points on the TOEFL Jr. Overbrook’s average is 820 points, while the average score in the United States is 784 points.

Dublin Oak. The academy is divided into 2 groups. From the first group that has 35 students, 91.2% pass the PET (Preliminary English Test) from Cambridge University. From the second group that has 56 students, 91% pass the First Certificate; the best performance is in the area of speaking with 89% of the students recorded as having an exceptional level.

Le Châtelard. 99% of the students reach the level of B1 on the DELF (Diplôme D´études en Langue Française) And 63% reach the level of B2.

Everest. The average score on the Institutional TOEFL for the boys is 505 points and 497 points for the girls. The score required to be admitted to a university in the United States is 500 points.

Woodlands. Approximately 31% of the students reach the level of B1 (PET), 58% reach the level of B2 with the First Certificate (FCE) and 11% reach the level of C1 with the Advanced Certificate from Cambridge (CAE).


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