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ACELS Recognition

Woodlands Academy Summer Camp is recognised by the Irish Department of Education (ACELS). See for a list of all recognised schools in Ireland.

Woodlands Academy Summer Camp for young learners is now enfranchised to carry the ACELS legend. The Woodlands Academy Summer Camp meets regulations governing the recognition of English language teaching organisations in Ireland.


What does this mean?

Achieving recognition demonstrates that we have attained the standards laid down by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and we are enfranchised to carry the ACELS logo and legend. The ACELS logo verifies ACELS recognition which is evidence of independent external verification of our services in line with national and international norms and standards.


This means that English language learners coming to study in the Woodlands Summer Camp can be assured of high educational standards as well as regulations and procedures in place to ensure the welfare, safety and social benefit of students during their course.

This also means that we are committed to an ongoing process of improvement and development.

The inspection process covered the following areas:

  • General Management and Administration

  • Academic Management

  • Syllabus and course programmes including management of resources

  • Management of teaching staff

  • Procedures for student assessment

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Student Welfare and Student Services

  • Resources and the Environment

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