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Oak Alumni Reunion in Seoul, Korea from Oaklawn

July 2014

Last Saturday, we had 2nd OAK alumni meeting with boys and girls. We had a great time with OAK alumnus. 21 alumnus were together.

We had a lunch and talked together. Fr. John gave us a good session with good message.

We watched the video with the message from Oaklawn staff. Boys enjoyed the video.

Then boys and girls enjoyed some games and had a fun together.

After then, we discussed how well our alumni meeting goes for the better future. Boys and girls gave us some feedback with good idea.

We elected the president of an alumni meeting as Bugyeom Kim for boys and Jinseo Cho for girls.

We also elected general affairs of this meeting as Sungwoo Lee.


Finally, we had a mass together. It was fun and good to be together for each generations. 

Next year, we are planning 3rd OAK alumni meeting on 18th of July. I hope everybody enjoys their school life and to be together again next year.  


Best regards, 

Anna Lee

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Oak Alumni Reunion in Seoul, Korea
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