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New Director of Dublin Oak Academy

Dear Oak International Team,


Warm greetings to you from Ireland. I am writing to you today to inform you that there will be a new Director of Dublin Oak Academy for the new academic year 14-15, namely, Fr. Raymundo Macías, L.C. In the attached document, you will find Fr Raymundo’s resumé, along with that of Fr Alejandro Fuentes, vice director of the academy. More than 20 years ago, Fr Raymundo collaborated with Oak International in the foundation of Le Châtelard. He has had wide experience in youth and family ministry, as well as in the direction of schools. We feel very blessed to have him as Director of one of the Oak International academies. 

While we welcome Fr. Raymundo, I would like to thank  Fr. Francisco Cepeda for the 13 years that he has directed Dublin Oak. More than a thousand boys have studied at the academy under Fr Francisco’s direction and guidance; the good that he has sowed, not only as director, but above all as a priest, is unmeasurable. We also owe to him very important steps in the development of the academy: the building of the dormitory, the introduction of the Irish Junior Certificate; opening up of promotion to different countries… Thank you, Fr Francisco, for your tireless work; your renewed enthusiasm, every year, to improve the academy; your effort in your many promotion trips… the list would be endless. On behalf of Oak International, thank you very much!

Fr. Francisco has been assigned a new mission, which will be communicated in due time.

Let us keep both Fr. Raymundo and Fr. Francisco in our prayers while they embark on this new stage of their priestly ministry.

God bless,

Luly Clariond

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