New Director in Overbrook Academy
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New Director in Overbrook Academy

Dear Oak International Team

Warm greetings to you from Dublin. 

I am writing to you today to inform you that there will be a new Director of Overbrook Academy for the new academic year 14-15, namely, Barbara Mariscal Lopez. Barbara comes to Overbrook with 19 years of experience in working with teenagers and educational institutes and has also worked in Overbrook during this last academic year 13-14, in charge of the Formation Instructors.

Attached in this message, you will find a presentation of the Directive team of Overbrook Academy, so that you can get to know Barbara and the people that work more closely with her, a little better.  After scrolling through the presentation, you will see what we have been experiencing now for many years:  that the standard of excellence within our academies is due to the highly trained quality of personnel behind them, ensuring the welfare of each student. We must give many thanks to God for this!

While we welcome Barbara as the new Director of Overbrook, I would like to sincerely thank, with all my heart, Valerie McGovern, for all of these years of her tireless dedication to the Academies.  As Oak International we are truly indebted to Valerie… it was she who was in charge of Woodlands Academy in Ireland from 1983 until 1992, and in those years developed Woodlands and helped it grow, moving it to where it is today, Wingfield House.  Subsequently, from 2000 to 2004, Valerie founded the Everest Girls Program, building this program from zero and placing it in the path of the success it has today.  Since 2004 until now, Valerie has been key in the success of  Overbrook, first as Vice Director and in the last three years as Director.  Now, Valerie leaves the Academies to continue serving our Lord, and indeed many girls and families, as she takes on the new position of Director of Colegio Del Bosque, in Mexico D.F.

Valerie, on behalf of the entire team of Oak International, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. There are thousands of girls who have been under your care during your time at the Academies, many of who today are now mothers of their own children, who they are now sending to our Academies.   The  good seed you have sowed over the years, Valerie, cannot be counted. Through your daily surrender full of joy and love for God, and for each girl, you have touched and influenced an incalculable number of lives, and families…   You know how much we will miss you… but we also know that you will always remain a part of Oak!

Barbara, in this new stage that you will embark on now, please count on our full support.  Gradually, you will get to know this wonderful team, or rather, family, of Oak International. You will see in time, as we have all experienced, that it is a blessing to work in this beautiful mission, that of our Academies.

To all the Oak team, I ask that we unite in prayer, both for Valerie and for Barbara, as they start out on these new chapters of their lives.

Valerie will be informing this change to parents of the new generation of 2014 -2015.  It will also be communicated to the last ten generations of Overbrook.

For my part, I ask the heads of each zone, to please ensure that this information reaches the team of promoters in your areas. To the Directors of each Academy, I would ask you to please share this with your own teams.


God bless you,

Luly Clariond

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