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A letter that means the essence of your academy…

Hi mum, How are you? How are things going? How has Lola been? I’m writing to you in English, cause it’s easier for me to write things in English (not joking), I hope you are having a good time as I do here in Ireland.

I give you the thanks, because you gave me the chance to be one year more in this great school “Dublin Oak Academy”, as I already said, I’m having a great time, my friends are always helping me if I need any help, the school in St. Patrick’s is hard but I enjoy my classes, almost any teacher recognised me the first day of school, they thought that I had a brother and that he’d come this year. My grades are good, and I am happy, now I go again every day to mass, do sports everyday and the time that I’ve been here has passed so fast.

Sometimes my friends ask me for any advise I tell them to be good, and that to be good doesn’t means to be a complete saint, I tell them that they should obey and that in this way they will have the best year of their life. Also some friends doesn’t know how to study and I also give them some advice or sometimes I study with them.

I love this year no one hates no one, and everyone likes to do sports, this helps me to do sports everyday, I even catch with some guys to run the Ironman or to go to the gym.

I love this school also because we get closer to God, we learn about faith and because I always have friends beside me who can help me. This is the last outing before going to Manchester, most of the guys are really excited because is our first trip, I am also and we all know this will be a good year for us.

So mum, I hope you like the letter, I wrote for you and you should tell Juliet to read it to you in Spanish so you understand what does it says.

I love you mum          

Luis Mauricio G. Santiago
Dublin Oak, 2013-2014

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