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Medical Insurance Cover for Woodlands Summer Camp

There are two options for our European Students:

Option A:
Academy Health Insurance (VHI), Cost: €50

This entitles students to treatment/stay in a semi private ward (if available) in a Public Hospital. The National Children’s Hospital (Tallaght) is a Public Hospital.
It does not cover treatment in a Private Hospital, Private Clinic, visit to a Doctor or Specialist/Consultant, Dentist or Orthodontist.
Any visits to these must be paid for by the students personally. There is no health insurance cover in Ireland that covers everything. The important aspect of our Health Insurance Cover is that following an accident or sudden illness the student will be treated free of charge in the hospital. Any operation and in-patient stay is covered by the insurance.

Option B (Europeans Only):
European Health Insurance Card (formally E111)

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can be used by EU Citizens in all EU Countries. This card covers treatment by a Doctor or Hospital following an unexpected medical emergency while abroad. The Hospital cover is for treatment in a Public Hospital and where necessary a stay in a Public Ward. It cannot be used in a Private Hospital or Private Clinic. The card can also be used for a visit to an agreed Doctor. Our Academy Doctor, Dr. Liston/Dr Marshall has agreed to accept patients with the EHIC.
*NB: the European Health Insurance Card must be presented at time of attending the Doctor or Hospital and cannot be produced at a later date

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