Overbrook Academy TOEFL Result 2013
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Overbrook Academy TOEFL Result 2013

We are pleased with the overall test results. As a group the students scored higher than we anticipated. The test scores range from 600 to 900. The nationalmean (USA) for the TOEFL Junior test is a score of 783. The mean for Overbrook students is a score of 819; 36 points higher than the national score. Breaking down the scores into 4 quartiles shows that out of 171 students, 92 of them ranked within the highest quartile scoring between 827 and 900 points.

The test evaluates 3 areas, which are: listening comprehension, language form and meaning, and reading comprehension.  For each of these areas the scores range between 200 to 300 points. The majority of the students scored within the 3rd and 4th quartile for each area. In each area there is a group of students who scored a perfect score of 300.   

Read complete note in the PDF attached.

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