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Junk kouture… a way to innovate and recreate

All of the 12-13 year old students at Woodlands have two art periods a week during school time. Nonetheless, the ninth graders, since they are the oldest in the academy, have a special class called "junk couture". In it, they make clothes from recycled material or junk. Here are pictures of the first creations that they have finished… you will see 4 dresses: one made from a book (impressive!), another is made from pieces of CDs and cassette tapes; the third from cardboard and yarn; from cellophane bags and tacks… Isn’t it incredible what they have done? Because of this effort, we will take them to compete in a nationwide competition in Ireland.

It is also important to mention that all of the students at Woodlands Academy, starting this school year, have 3 weekly periods of French and 2 periods of home economics in their schedule. All of the girls learn to weave in the first trimester. From January to June they learn to sew by hand and with a machine. The girls love it!


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