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Dublin Oak Junior Cert Performance 2011-2012

Dublin Oak is proud of its students and teachers for their achievements in the Junior Certificate, even surpassing many Irish students, who also participate in these exams. The following results shown are from our students of 2011-2012.

What are the tests of "junior certificate"?

 "Junior Cert" tests are the Ministry of Education´s exams that Irish students have to do in ninth grade to obtain the secondary education certificate. The tests are designed by the Ministry of Education. Students do not write down their name, but only their enrollment number, and the exams are taken to the Ministry of Education and graded there. The results were published recently.


 The challenge is that our students, non-Irish teenagers, had exams in eight subjects. These exams reflect the content of a three-year cycle. The teachers had to teach the contents of a three-year cycle in just one school year, which requires great effort and is a great achievement.


The junior cert exams have two levels of difficulty: “ordinary” and “higher”.
The results have been very good, since we have achieved top grades in both English and math, which is not usual for Irish students themselves.

For example: 39 of our students, who represent 46% of the total student body, sat the exams. A total of 312 tests. 310 of which were completed with passing grades, or a 99.04% passing rating.


The following analysis is only for three of the eight subjects: English, mathematics and science.


100% OF OUR students passed the exam.

At the "higher" level 

  • 100% passed  VS  98.5% in Ireland.
  • 11.7% of the students who took the test obtained an "A", which is the highest grade  VS  10.7% of Irish students.
At the "ordinary" level
  • 100% passed  VS  98.5% in Ireland.
  • 18.18% of our students scored an "A" VS  7.3% of Irish students who scored an "A".


Higher Level

  • 100% of our students passed  VS  98.2% in Ireland.
  • 66.7% of our students got an "A"  VS  15.1% in Ireland.
Odinary Level
  • 100% of our students passed  VS  93.5% in Ireland.
  • 54.55% of our students got an "A"  VS  14.3% in Ireland.

Higher Level

  • 100% of our students passed  VS  98.6% in Ireland.

Ordinary Level

  • 100% of our students passed  VS  94.6% in Ireland.
  • 55% of our students got a "B" VS  33% in Ireland.

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