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Bernardo Buenfil recipient of many awards

Bernardo Buenfil, enrolled in grade 8th during the 2010-2011 school year at Everest Academy, Clarkston, Michigan, was honored by Governor Fernando Ortega Bernés for the achievements earned during his year with Everest Academy. 


Bernardo was the recipient of many awards including the Fortitude Award, given to the student who shows a genuine spirit of sacrifice and example for the rest as if they were closing the gap to spiritual martyrdom in the Program. Buenfil received the Prefects Award, given to the boy who showed consistent signs of selfless cooperation with it reflects a spirit of cooperation beyond the essentials, great conviction, self-denial out of love and dedication for the rest and specially an acute sense of initiative.  In addition to these awards in the area of formation, Bernardo also excelled in academics.

He received the English Award, for his use and control of the English language.

Bernardo excelled in Math, Science and the Language Arts as well, scoring above 85% in each area. His overall grade point average was 98.8 %, not only the highest in his 8th grade class, the highest GPA in all middle school classes combined. 

These impressive grades also earned Buenfil the Academic Excellence Award.

International students attending Everest Academy take the TOFEL test every year in an effort to measure the results of the English as a Second Language lessons.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Buenfil received the TOFEL Award, for the score of 560, the highest in his class. 

Mr. Buenfil received the Milites Christi Award. This award is given to the soldier of Christ, with the most conviction, who does all out of love for Christ, and not because of fear of punishment or desiring the prize.  

And finally, Bernardo received the Semper Altius Award.  This award is presented to the student who has lived the motto of Everest Academy, demonstrating diligence and perseverance, by significantly improving their performance in some aspect of integral formation during the year.

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