W - Cambridge Success 2012
W - Cambridge Results Dec 2011
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Cambridge Success at Woodlands

Woodlands Academy has a long tradition of excellence in the teaching of English and this is reflected in the outstanding Cambridge Examination results achieved in 2011-2012.

Overall, a fantastic performance by each student in all the Cambridge examinations, with a staggering 100% pass rate across the board.

At Woodlands, we believe that the importance of achieving a high standard in the Cambridge examinations is paramount for our students. More than 12,000 employers, universities and colleges, government departments and other organisations around the world rely on the Cambridge English language exams. It is well known that the Cambridge examination certificates are globally recognised and are of huge benefit to our students in the long term with their ambitions for work and study.

It is remarkable for our students to obtain these results in the Cambridge examinations at such a young age and we greatly encourage the students to strive for a high level depending on their ability.

This encouragement is provided through English Campaigns which we run at Woodlands Academy throughout the year, based on a points system. It is a fun way to encourage not only English speaking, but to develop English thinking while they are at Woodlands Academy. This remains with them for a very long time and subsequently provides ample opportunities in all areas of their future careers.

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W - Cambridge Success 2012

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