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Cambridge ESOL suite of exams

YLE and KET Examinations

In today’s world, speaking English has become compulsory for all students who would like to take advantage of the opportunities that tomorrow’s world of work will offer them. Most important is the ability to demonstrate your knowledge of the language through a certification.

In Dublin Oak Academy and Woodlands Academy we offer to our summer camp participants the opportunity to undertake the first level of Cambridge ESOL suite of exams.

The Young Learners English (YLE) examinations reliably reflect the participants’ progress in skills such as: listening, reading and writing, and speaking. There are three levels available:  Starters, Movers and Flyers, with Starters being the first and aimed at young children with very basic skills.

On July 2010, Dublin Oak Academy and Woodlands Academy will also offer the next set of examinations within Cambridge ESOL suite of exams. This examination is known as Key English Test (KET) and it will be offered to those students who are more advanced in their study of the language, allowing them to keep progressing in their path to mastering the language. Students who obtain this certification have the ability to deal with everyday written and spoken English.

The importance of this certification relies on its recognition and validity; given that thousands of employers, universities and government ministries recognise its validity and the fact that it never expires, this certificate is really an achievement for life.

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